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Oasis of Wellbeing


Softub—made for stress-free quality time, offers tranquility to mind, body and soul. Creating a harmonious place for rest and relaxation, Softub soothes the body to relieve the pressures of everyday life, rejuvenate tired muscles with systematically organized water jets, and pamper the body with healing, invigorating massage. In the 300+, the underwater LED lighting creates a soothing environment in which you can lose yourself in an oasis of well-being. With regular use, Softub can bring more vitality to your life. The warm-water massage encourages blood circulation and can activate the body’s own natural healing powers. Massage doesn’t just relieve tension—it also aids the recovery process for stressed body parts. A soak in a Softub helps to release endorphins, naturally reduces pain, and encourages feelings of happiness.

The heat raises the body temperature, allowing blood vessels to expand and absorb more oxygen. More generally, soaking in warm water helps to keep the skin’s blood vessels and the body’s connective tissues classic and healthy.

The particular physical advantages to submerging the body in water are optimized, as in water, one’s total body weight is reduced by approximately 30%. This feeling of weightlessness can also alleviate pressure on joints and soothing sore muscles. A soak in a Softub stimulates metabolism and can improve general health. This “home therapy” can also treat conditions such as insomnia and stress and help you get a good night’s sleep. Depending on the focus of the individually adjustable massage jets, your Softub Hot Tub can provide effective hydrotherapy. Targeted applications can be used to improve many physical pains.

Warm water therapy can be effective against neck problems and shoulder tension. It also helps to prevent tension headaches that can be very common as a result of the stress of the day. If you have neck and shoulder issues from sports-related injuries, the benefits of a Softub can also help alleviate pain from shoulder trauma. Rheumatism and arthritis are common ailments that can be improved by soaking in a Softub. The churning of the warm water stimulates the skin and under-skin areas while treating swelling, dislocations, strains, sprains, and muscle tears. The hot water and massage can also be used to relieve the pain caused by rheumatism and arthritis.

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