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Many people have thought about installing a hot tub in their home, but too many people who have considered such an investment decide against it. This happens because conventional acrylic hot tubs are big, heavy, permanent, and expensive.

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Some hot tubs require a licensed electrician to complete installation in order to ensure compliance with local building codes. Such effort and expense discourage people from enjoying hot tub ownership. These disappointed homeowners need to know about Softub.

Softub is an alternative to the traditional hot tub installation; you may believe is required before you can enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy in your own home. Softub is a portable, energy-efficient, lightweight, comfortable, and durable miracle product. Softub is a hot tub you can move from one part of the home to another without much effort. You can even move it, in a few minutes, from inside to outdoors.

One of the greatest benefits of having a Softub is the ease of setup. Softubs of all sizes install in minutes and are plugged into a normal home electrical outlet. Imagine taking your Softub on a camping trip and enjoying hydrotherapy in the wilderness.

There are models that can accommodate two, four, or six people. Every Softub model is energy efficient, costing less than any other hot tub to operate on a monthly basis. Imagine using your Softub every day for 20 minutes, with all jets operating, for only $10 per month. Each Softub comes with a self-sealing tub top. The water is monitored at all times by our Smart-Chip to regulate water level and quality.

Consider the following differences in setup and operation between a Softub and a conventional hot tub:

*A Softub requires only a level surface for installation − indoors or outdoors.

*Installation can be done on a dirt surface or any other level material and does not require a cement foundation.

*For conventional hot tubs, it can be necessary to perform excavation and foundation work before the hot tub can be installed and used.

*All Softubs plug into a regular household 120-volt outlet. The electric cabling system of every Softub has a built-in ground fault detector.

*Conventional hot tubs require 240-volt power and often additional equipment to comply with state and local electrical codes.

*Conventional hot tubs are permanent and heavy and require construction and electrical crews for proper installation. Softub can be installed in minutes by anyone.

*When you move, your Softub moves with you...easily.

*Softubs are comfortable, with open seating barriers, and are ready to use within minutes of installation.

*The walls of a Softub spa are made of soft, cushion-like material. In comparison to the hard, plastic surfaces of conventional hot tubs that may not fit all body types.

If you have ever considered a hot tub, take a look at what the Softub system has to offer. I am sure you will be as impressed as the thousands of other happy Softub owners have been when you use a Softub for the first time.

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