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The ability to enjoy the soothing, warm water of a spa may seem many years away, but through the ingenuity of pool manufacturers, portable hot tubs are now available. Prescribed by physicians for improved health and mobility as well as a great meeting place for family and friends, you will be surprised at all the benefits a spa has to offer. With affordable pricing, there is no reason to wait. 

It has been proven that aquatic fitness products are great for rejuvenating the mind and body. Read More

Even without extra movement of the arms and legs, many spa owners notice increased bone density, lower body mass, and improved respiration. Hydrotherapy is an excellent stress reliever and has been known to improve sleep. Individuals with back pain notice a significant decrease in the amount of regular strain and throbbing pain.

Some medical professionals believe that hydrotherapy can facilitate a reversal of the aging process. By giving your cardiovascular system a release of tension, valves and arteries have the chance to function more efficiently. Neurological functions can also improve due to the positive atmosphere that water affords. Mental clarity and an improved mood have also been reported by many spa users.

Extensive research was conducted at a major rehabilitation institute with some revealing facts about spas and wellness:

Arthritis sufferers noticed relief from stiffness and pain through hot water therapy. A marked improvement in function and physical performance was noted. Swollen muscles and joints were soothed by the hydrostatic pressure in a massaging effect.

Type II Diabetes patients experienced a lowering of blood pressure and the increase of HDL cholesterol. By improving the function of heart and lungs, hydrotherapy was also found to prevent the procession of borderline cases.

Depression appeared to subside with regular sessions in a spa. Clean, warm, rippling water creates a calming effect and reduces anxiety and other mental ailments. Some patients report that an increased spiritual nature is easier to achieve through the calming effect of warm water.
Back pain was significantly decreased through the weightlessness of water. Further massaging with streaming water helps to rebuild sensitive, injured tissues. Chronic pain was, in many cases, eliminated with regular use of a spa.

Portable spas give you the freedom of moving your hot tub to different areas of the yard, arranging get-togethers with friends, or moving into storage during winter months. Many units are durable, are easy to set up, and come complete with blower systems that mimic jet streams of water. Other models are made a one-piece shell made of an indestructible Pro-Polyethylene material that can be used indoors or out. Use on an outdoor patio while the weather is nice. When winter comes, turn your hot tub on its side and roll it into a sun room or another part of your home.

Energy-efficient, heated pipes guarantee a sweet, warm adventure that will keep your water hot, and filters made with the latest state-of-the-art technology keep bacteria and mildew at bay. The specific engineered design keeps the shape and durability intact for many years. There are no special tools or circuits needed for purchase.

A portable spa is also much cheaper in setup and operation. No high electric bills will result from running your unit.

Having social gatherings in a portable spa with family or friends can help everyone become more relaxed, improve moods, and relieve back pain and stress, creating a happy and healthy atmosphere. The wellness effect that comes with owning a portable spa can make a huge difference in your life and the lives of others. If you suffer from joint pain, depression, stress, or trouble with sleep, discover how a portable spa can make an improvement in your quality of life.

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