FAQ- Display

Your Softub® HydroMate™ System has been designed to be simple to operate and easy to maintain.
By experimenting with different settings on the control panel, you will find the temperature most comfortable for you. The thermostat will automatically turn the tub on and off as the temperature falls below,  then reaches, the set temperature to maintain  the water temperature you have selected, 24 hours a day.

Your Softub® Spa will automatically display the temperature of the water in  your  spa, whenever the pump is on and has been running  for  2 minutes continuously.

To set the temperature, press the up or down arrow once to display the current setting. Then, use the up and down arrows to adjust the temperature to the setting you desire.  The current temperature setting will display for 5 seconds after the up or down buttons are pressed. After this time has  elapsed, the display will revert to displaying the water temperature.

Q: What does the “P” mean on the display?
A: “P” stands for the initial pause the unit needs before it reads out water temperature. It is possible you will see this throughout the heating process. It can take up to two minutes to register the temperature and the “P” to disappear.