FAQ- Vinyl

The exterior of the tub,  lid, motor unit and vinyl cover, are made of Leather Tex, which is a marine grade vinyl specifically formulated to resist mildew, cracking and discoloration.

Use a mild soap and water solution to wash the vinyl,  then rinse with clean water.  Avoid abrasive soaps,  tools or any other solvents. Improper use of these products can void the warranty.

Use of vinyl protectants, such as those commonly found in auto parts stores, can accelerate the aging of your tub, causing cracks in the vinyl that  are  not  covered under warranty. The only vinyl protectant approved for use on your Softub® is Aerospace 303 Protectant, available from your Softub® dealer.

Solar Exposure
If your Softub® is located outside, we strongly recommend the use of the Softub® Protective Cover (available from your dealer).  This will protect the Softub® from direct ultra-violet (UV) exposure, keep rain water out of the tub, and keep the surface  clean.  If  you are placing a dark color Softub® in direct sunlight,  the use of a Softub® Protective Cover is recommended.  Never cover your Softub® with a transparent plastic covering of any sort for it will damage the tub.

If your exterior does get a tear or puncture, contact your dealer.


Q: Do you have a vinyl repair kit for the outside of my Softub®?
A: Please contact one of our service centers covering your area to inquire about getting an exterior vinyl patch kit for your Softub®. They will be able to assist you in getting the right type for your tub. You may locate a service center through our Dealer Finder.