Easy Set Up

Softub® is the most portable hot tub in the world! Light, easy to use, and easy to install; you are never limited to one location.

Using your Softub® is as simple as: 1, 2, 3

Roll your spa into position. Your Softub® can be rolled through any standard door or yard gate with ease. With your tub weighing less than 75lbs, anyone can move it from place to place. If you choose to have your Softub® outside during the summer and inside during the winter, when it comes time to move it- just empty and roll it where you desire!




Once you place your Softub® where you want it, simply connect the HydroMate® to your Softub® by turning the three connectors to tighten. No tools required.



Fill with water and connect your Softub® to any standard 120v, 15-Amp outlet. Many other hot tubs take a special 220v outlet installed and require a professional electrician for installation; not Softub®. Softubs® can be plugged into any standard outlet. With Softub®’s Smartchip, Softub® spas maintain the set temperature on the control panel by turning the pump on and off automatically. The built in safety mechanism prevents the tub from overheating if there’s a problem with the temperature sensors as well as prevents the pump from turning on if the temperature is too high. The Smartchip also prevents the pump from turning on if the voltage is too low and could damage the pump.



Whether in your yard or in your home, during spring, summer, fall, or winter, Softub® offers you the opportunity to relax whenever you want. Whether you enjoy a soak indoors or outdoors, enjoy the freedom that Softub® brings.


Watch the video below to see just how easy Softub® is to install.